What To Wear: Holiday Party- Rectangle Outfit Ideas

Do you have a party coming up in celebration of the holidays and don’t know what to wear for your rectangle body shape? Here are two examples of outfits that are perfect for what to wear at a holiday party. The pictures are linked to a lookbook where you can purchase these outfits or get more ideas from.

Office Party-FB
StyleCode™ (Rectangle + Cool + Classic/Dramatic)

The first outfit is sophisticated and polished but the maroon pants give a fun pop of (festive red) color. This tweed jacket compliments your straight shape. The v-neck top is flattering and breaks up your rectangle upper half and adds a nice visual interest created by the rushing. The black accessories tie this whole look together. You can purchase this look here!

Office Party-Dress
StyleCode™ (Rectangle + Warm + Natural/Romantic)

This second outfit is a “dressier” option if you are in a more feminine mood. Make a statement in this festive dress and peep-toe heels for the party. The gathering of the material on the side of a dress is also a great way to camouflage the tummy. All eyes will be on you as you enter in this stunning, holiday outfit. Top it all off with a pretty necklace and a gold bracelet and you’re ready to party! Click here for more holiday party attire inspiration for an Hourglass Body Type and Inverted Triangle Body Type.

To purchase any of the items you see above, CLICK HERE!

The Perfectly.Me Holiday Style Guide

It’s a fun, yet busy time of year, which calls for multiple stylish outfits! This guide should get you through it. The pictures are linked to a lookbook where you can purchase these outfits or get more ideas from.
Office Party
The company holiday party calls for an outfit that is both conservative, yet stylish! Maroon ankle pants are festive and look amazing with black pointed toe pumps. Pair with a black wrap blouse and textured multi color jacket.
*Office Party
StyleCode™ (Rectangle + Cool + Classic/Dramatic)
Holiday Party With Friends
It’s that time of year to gather a group of your best friends to catch up over dinner and celebrate the holidays. You will look comfortable and sleek in dark jeans paired with a fun button-up blouse, a red cardigan jacket and bootie heels.
*Holiday Party
StyleCode™ (Rectangle + Cool + Casual/Dramatic)
Hanukkah Party
It’s that special time of year to celebrate Hanukkah with family. A beautiful, long printed maxi skirt will add that touch of class and elegance when attending a traditional Hanukkah party or dinner. Pair it with a sophisticated black blouse tucked into the skirt with an ivory cropped jacket. Gold accessories and black heels complete the look.
StyleCode™ (Inverted Triangle + Cool + Classic/Romantic)
Christmas Eve
Whether it’s a church service, dinner or a family gathering, when the camera comes out, you’ll be picture perfect in this ensemble. The epitome of style: a classic and beautiful feminine dress, a pair of modern peep toe heel boots and a great overcoat to keep you warm.
Christmas Eve-2
StyleCode™ (Hourglass + Cool + Romantic)
New Years Eve
Ring in the New Year with style (and a few achievable resolutions)! A sequin dress was made for this special night. Elegance is the name of the game when toasting to the next fashionable year.
New Years-2
StyleCode™ (Hourglass + Cool + Dramatic/Romantic)
To purchase any of the items you see, CLICK HERE!
Have a happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and Stylish New Year!
Yours In Style,

Fit Issue: Right & Wrong Colors

Fitting Issue: When you are lucky enough to find a reasonable fit but the color is all wrong! Even if the fit and style work great you can see –  the color orange is all wrong. She needs deep cool colors to harmonize with her cool coloring. The blue is perfect. The blue compliments her skin tone much better than the orange dress.
 elegant woman in orange dress
Solution: If you can’t find your color – you can always add a scarf with the right color as a quick fix but the best is having something made just for you – with your Style Code TM (your color + body type + Style Personality) from Perfectly.me

About Perfectly.Me

What We Do

We create personalized clothing designed to flatter your body, fit your style and embrace your uniqueness. Each of us is unique in wonderful and beautiful ways. Different shapes, sizes, colors, personalities and lifestyles. It is our differences that make us who we are and our unique features that make each of us special. So, why can’t our clothing reflect that too?

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 9.45.35 AM

“I went about trying to figure out how to solve this problem. Along the way I became a Certified Personal Stylist so I could at least understand why some things work and others don’t in simply putting together a ‘look’.  I found there is an interesting science behind the art of styling. When you match up a person’s individual ‘style code’ which includes body shape/proportion, color and style personality you look and feel amazing! If you leave one of those elements out – something is missing.”

Terri Ghio C0-Founder, CEO and Chief Rainmaker


What we do is easy, quick and creative. You meet with a personal stylist (in-person or online) and she puts together your Style Code. Now sit back, let us take care of you and bring the fun back to shopping. We will create clothes together that will flatter your body in the right color and style details (trust us it is a three legged stool – you need them all). It is interactive and fun and the professional help you get is from Certified Stylists who really want and know how to make a difference for you.

How It Works

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What To Wear: Holiday Party- Inverted Triangle Outfit Ideas

This first outfit is a casual option for attending a laid-back holiday party. Halter tops are great for Inverted Triangles because they slim and lengthen the body. The shawl collared jacket will take the attention away from the shoulders and direct the eyes downward. Skinny-type jeans highlight your narrow hips and thighs. The silver sparkle clutch adds the “holiday” feeling with other silver items to accessories the outfit.


This second outfit is a fancier option for the Inverted Triangle to wear to a holiday party. The neckline will minimize the shoulder line and the style of the dress will highlight the tiny waist. The detailing/bunching at the hips will create balance. The bold red color is very festive so we paired it with silver shoes, clutch and accessories to add to the holiday theme.


Fit Issues: Finding Garments That Fit

Off the rack clothing doesn’t always fit! Try looking for things based on your body shape.
Fitting Issue 
I have a hard time finding garments that fit my larger bust, shoulders and tummy evenly!

The best thing you can do to look your best is to try to balance out the top and lower half of your body. You want to add height or depth near your shoulders, which can be done by adding shoulder pads or choosing tops that feature boxy styles. This will make your waist seem more equal to your shoulders, meaning your waist will look thinner. Also, try wrap around shirts, shirts with different angles, or tunics to help hide your midsection.
Order custom measured jackets and tops by perfectly.me. Our trained stylists will measure you and recommend flattering styles for a full bust. The beautiful result is clothing that fits your shoulders AND your bust. Perfectly.me has the solution with custom, made for YOU jackets, pants and dresses.

What To Wear: Holiday Party- Hourglass Outfit

Do you have a holiday party coming up and don’t know what to wear? This is a festive outfit that we would recommend for an hourglass body type. For your hourglass body type, you want to emphasize the waist by choosing styles that skim the narrowest part of your waist and follows the curve of your body. Draw the eye upward by wearing a top with an interesting neckline. This one with embellishment does just that. Leather pants and a belted cardigan are a great combination to add a festive, yet sophisticated flare to your outfit.


Black Friday Inspiration

If you’re joining the world for the most chaotic day of the year (a.k.a. Black Friday), you are going to want to be comfortable as you are standing in long lines. Jeans and a cotton moto jacket are a great option for not only staying warm, but also staying comfy in breathable materials. Good luck and we hope you find the great deals that you are searching for!