Body Type: Rectangle

How to find clothes that look good on YOU? It’s simple, dress for your body type.

Today we are sharing apparel hints for dressing the Rectangle Body Shape.

Rectangle – Is your waist undefined and your shoulders and hips similar size?

There are great ways to camouflage an undefined waist. Asymmetrical tops and tunics are very flattering. Stay away from high turtlenecks and belts at the waist. Add low slung belts and select pants/skirts that sit slightly below the waist. Did you know approximately 40% of women have a rectangle shape? Check out these outfits for flattering a Rectangle Body Shape.

rectangle body type

Tunics are the perfect tops for rectangles since they slide over the tummy area. Make sure it nips in at your upper ribcage for the most flattering fit.

rectangle body type 2

Rectangles look amazing in pencil skirts so make sure to add a few to your wardrobe. Adding a portrait collar or peplum-styled jacket creates an hourglass shape and completes the look.

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Fit Issue: Broad Shoulders

When it comes to clothing, we all have different bodies so different problems arise when trying to find what it is we’re shopping for.

FIT ISSUE: Broad Shoulders

SOLUTION: Look for non set-in sleeves (dolman, raglan or kimono sleeves) that distract the eye a different direction than your shoulder.

Broad Shoulders

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Body Type: Triangle

Why don’t clothes fit? Or to put it another way…. How to Find What Looks Good on YOU!

It’s simple, dress for your body type. There are 5 body shapes: Triangle, Hourglass, Rectangle, Inverted Triangle and Oval. The secret is to follow the rules of what flatters your body type. Over the next few blog posts, we’ll be introducing you the five different body types and some general rules to follow.

Let’s first introduce the TRIANGLE body type.

Are your hips wider than your shoulders?

Do you wear a smaller size on the top than the bottom? Look for styles that create balance and extend the shoulder lines. Minimize the lower body by wearing smooth, clean lines for pants or skirts.


Always make sure your top is the same lightness than your pants or skirt. Light expands and dark recedes. Look for camp shirts or bateau necklines to add oomph.


Bootcut or wide-leg dark pants with a lighter top that has bust detail and a square neckline will draw the eye up. Add a chunky cardigan or blazer to complete the look.

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Stay tuned for our next blog post!