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Style Personality

Introduction to Style Personalities

Introduction to Style Personalities How you feel can be influenced by what you wear… But sometimes there just isn’t enough time or the clothes just don’t work. As experts at, it’s our job to know the science behind your uniqueness and make shopping easy and fun again! Based on your answers when you take our Style Personality Quiz, you will be given a suggested core style and a sub style(s). There are 6 different personalities: Classic, Intellectual, Creative, Natural, Dramatic and Romantic. Each one is distinctive and specific with it’s own unique characteristics. Take our FREE Style Quiz to...

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Style Personality: Classic

 Style Personality: Classic The classic style woman is refined, poised, gracious, meticulously groomed, and coordinated. Like the traditional female icons in Hollywood, Politics or Education, you are confident, dependable, and knowledgeable. Your look should represent the timeless and intelligent woman you are. The classic woman likes tailored, no-nonsense, timeless pieces that avoid any drama about how they dress. Your Classic Style Statement: Authentic, Traditional, Dependable, Timeless, Sensible     Style Elements for the Classic Woman: Traditionally tailored details Prefers matching or highly coordinated outfits and accessories Jackets are very important to add power and finish Hairstyles are also classic cuts...

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Style Personality: Creative

 This woman likes having the quality of something created rather than imitated. Risk-taking, unique, and ahead of the game, your look should appear inspired by your creative lifestyle. Many women add an element of Creative Personality to their core style for a truly individual look that  says “I am Modern, Original and Artistic!” Your Style Statement: Original, Creative, Artistic, Unexpected, Trendy Style Elements for the Creative Women: Unusual color combinations and interesting details Unique and unexpected mixing of fabrics and accessories Elaborate adornment Designer and Vintage clothing Bold, one of kind jewelry Trendy and unique is the #1 Goal Want...

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Style Personality: Romantic

The Romantic Woman: Whether you’re feeling flirtatious or sexy, you have a confidence about yourself that is desirable and attractive. This woman is all about femininity and loves being a “girly-girl.” Romantic women love to wear body conscious garments, pretty accessories and dainty details. Ruffles work for some; others prefer soft prints or soft color combinations to achieve the charming-feminine look. Your Romantic Style Personality Statement: Glamorous, Romantic, Sexy, Engaging, Flirtatious, Sensual and Body Conscious     Style Elements for the Romantic Woman: Soft, supple fabrics with flowing lines Lots of skirts and dresses Graphic floral prints and soft colors Antique or dainty...

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Style Personality: Natural

Style Elements for the Natural woman begins with the fabric. It must be breathable, comfortable, natural fibers preferred. Non-fussy details and textures are often prominent. A Natural styled woman loves her jeans, knits and layers. Many clothing pieces are inspired by or actual athletic wear. Dressing for comfort is the # 1 concern. Style Statement:  Approachable, Active, Laid-Back, Casual, Energetic Some Natural women find it hard to “dress up.”  Solid colors and clean lines are more appealing. Simple jewelry adds polish and finishes the look. Hair is pulled back into a ponytail and the focus on makeup is minimal and...

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