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Style Personality

Style Personality: Intellectual

The woman who has Intellectual style, likes substance over fluff. You are always prepared and dress according to the task at hand. Conservative but with a need for quality pieces. You can be found reading in your well stocked library or planning your trip to Machu Picchu. You are all about adventure and doing it the right way.  They created elbow patches for you – you like to buy quality and once if possible. Intellectual Style Statement: Tailored, Comfortable, Sporty, Practical, Traditional   Style Elements for the Intellectual Women: You like substantial fabrics such as denim, tweed and plaids. Practical and traditional...

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Style Personality: Dramatic

This woman is sophisticated and hip with a lot of urban flair! Black and white often shows up in her closet and she is unique, stylish but not a slave to fashion. For example, one item or detail in an outfit will stand out as unique and on trend ensuring an interesting twist. Your Dramatic Style Personality Statement: Sleek, Modern, Polished, Urban, Chic   Style Elements for the Dramatic Woman: Modern, well tailored, European look Minimal use of color, high contrast Details are sleek and architectural looking High heels and boots with sleek, pointy toes Solid colors, black and white or...

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