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Alicia Petross

Warm/Rectangle Romantic/Dramatic 
The Romantic Woman: Whether you’re feeling flirtatious or sexy, you have a confidence about yourself that is desirable and attractive. This woman is all about femininity and loves being a “girly-girl.” Romantic women love to wear body conscious garments, pretty accessories and dainty details. Ruffles work for some; others prefer soft prints or soft color combinations to achieve the charming-feminine look. 
The Dramatic women is sophisticated, decisive, confident, strong, and glamorous, you need a wardbrowbe that can keep up with your modern and busy lifestyle. Quality pieces that are polished and chic will transition well from your career to evenings out. 
From your style personality and style guide, we have curated core pieces just for you!

All products are made to order just for you! We use the highest quality luxurious blend of Poly/Spandex and are proudly made in USA. 

If you have any questions regarding your collection please feel free to contact us. 

Products we recommend: 

Round Neck Asymetrical Double Dip Tunic in Olive  (T1203)

Straight Leg Pant in Teal or Olive (P2000D)

Long Jacket with Zippers in Olive (J4002)
Fitted Jacket with Long Peplum in Teal (J4004)
Gored Skirt in Teal (S3002)