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Classic Collection

The classic style woman is refined, poised, gracious, meticulously groomed, and coordinated. Like the traditional female icons in Hollywood, Politics or Education, you are confident, dependable, and knowledgeable. Your look should represent the timeless and intelligent woman you are. The classic woman likes tailored, no-nonsense, timeless pieces that avoid any drama about how they dress.

Your Classic Style Statement: Authentic, Traditional, Dependable, Timeless, Sensible



Style Elements for the Classic Woman:

  • Traditionally tailored details
  • Prefers matching or highly coordinated outfits and accessories
  • Jackets are very important to add power and finish
  • Hairstyles are also classic cuts like a bob, never too trendy
  • Refined quality fabrics and colors
  • Understated and professional is the #1 goal

We've gathered some of our most Classic styles for you to pair with timeless accessories. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us