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Jazmin's Collection

The Natural Woman: You are a laid-back, easy-going gal who is carefree, casual and breezy bur practical and grounded. You are independent, intelligent and well-informed. You do not wake kindly to authority. Some natural women find it hard to "dress up." Solid colors and clean lines are more appealing. Simple jewelry ads polish and finishes the look. Hair is pulled back into a ponytail and the focus on makeup is minimal and a natural look is preferred. 

Your Style Statement:  Approachable, Active, Laid-Back, Casual, Energetic

Style Elements for Natural Women:

  • Breathable, comfortable, natural fibers preferred
  • Clothing is loosely tailored, but not baggy
  • Loves her jeans, knits and layers
  • Many clothing pieces are inspired by or actual athletic wear
  • Dressing for comfort is the #1 concern

Career: Making the world a better place (social worker, author, professor) or something artistic (photographer, poet).
Favorite Activities: Camping and roughing it, being outdoors. Saving the world. Looking for bargains and saving money.
Value: Authenticity, nature, sustainable living, economy, human and animal rights, environmental responsibility, freedom.
Motivation: Ecology, ethics