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Robin Baxter

Neutral/ Triangle Classic/Dramatic

The classic style woman is refined, poised, gracious, meticulously groomed, and coordinated. Like the traditional female icons in Hollywood, Politics or Education, you are confident, dependable, and knowledgeable. Your look should represent the timeless and intelligent woman you are. The classic woman likes tailored, no-nonsense, timeless pieces that avoid any drama about how they dress.

While the dramatic woman is sophisticated and hip with a lot of urban flair! Black and white often shows up in her closet and she is unique, stylish but not a slave to fashion. For example, one item or detail in an outfit will stand out as unique and on trend ensuring an interesting twist.

From your style personality and style guide, we have curated core pieces just for you!

All products are made to order just for you! We use the highest quality luxurious blend of Poly/Spandex and are proudly made in USA. 

If you have any questions regarding your collection please feel free to contact us. 

Products we recommend:
Short Open Peplum Jacket in Light Teal (J4005)

Round Neck Asymetrical Double Dip Tunic in Light Teal (T1203)

Straight Leg Pant in Light Teal (P2000D)