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The Romantic Collection

The Romantic Woman: Whether you’re feeling flirtatious or sexy, you have a confidence about yourself that is desirable and attractive. This woman is all about femininity and loves being a “girly-girl.” Romantic women love to wear body conscious garments, pretty accessories and dainty details. Ruffles work for some; others prefer soft prints or soft color combinations to achieve the charming-feminine look.

Your Romantic Style Personality Statement: Glamorous, Romantic, Sexy, Engaging, Flirtatious, Sensual and Body Conscious

Style Elements for the Romantic Woman:

  • Soft, supple fabrics with flowing lines
  • Lots of skirts and dresses
  • Graphic floral prints and soft colors
  • Antique or dainty details
  • Antique or dainty details
  • Charming femininity is the #1 goal
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