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About Perfectly Me

Your Body. Your Style. Your Runway

We create looks that are perfectly you.

We help women find the best styles for their body and lifestyle. We make it easy for you to look great. We find who you are on the inside and help you rock it on the outside. As we age so does our body – fashion is not keeping up with us – we still want to look great. Not old, not young, but great!

Why Because every woman deserves to walk her own runway…

A style revelation story, as told by Terri:

As most of us in my 20’s and 30”s I definitely owned my runway. I went from a hot rock n’ roll singer (see flash back photo) to an even hotter young executive in the exciting (male dominated) world of technology. I went from hot pink spandex on stage to 4 inch heels at trade shows. Life was fun and fast living in Montreal and New York. Not much better than that. And then life changed, I am absolutely sure every one of you has had that moment.Life came to a screeching halt for me. I became a young widow. Life was different and I woke up one day and found myself wearing “kitten heels” (really do those even count as heels?). I looked in the mirror and did not like who I saw. How do you look good in kitten heels? So I started the journey that would become

I went shopping at my favorite Nordstrom and had wonderful sales help from someone who could be my daughter and didn’t get the kitten heel problem. She had amazing taste and put some looks together that were beautiful, but not for me. What to do? I researched Personal Styling and Image Consulting and since I never do anything half way, I got certified. I even went as far as buying a style training company.

Ok… now I understand how to dress with kitten heels. Off to the store – OMG what a disaster! Even with my knowledge I had a horrible experience with the dang dressing room. Nothing worked and I was even more frustrated. Every brand has a different cut and the ones that worked for my body did not come in the right color.

Am I the only one with this problem? Amazingly no – there are tons of women out there who have gone through their own wake- up call – divorce, empty nest, job search, body changes or just tired of not feeling great every time you went to your closet. I am sure you have heard women wear only 20% of what is in their closet – do you know what that means?? Lots of money sitting there wasted. And clothes with tags still on them! Stop the insanity.

Picture yourself in a piazza in Roma – out walks a woman who is not beautiful but you cannot take your eyes off of her – why? Confidence – this is what owning your runway is.

So what goes into looking great? The right flattering look for your body, the right color and the right fit.

There must be a solution. I took advantage of my technology background and worked with dozens of experts to create the StyleCode. This code takes the essence of who you are and enables you to know if something will work for you or not. We make it easy because we actually do it for you. We find out who you are on the inside – Your Style Personality and add your Body Type and your Color Palette (each are equally important) to come up with your StyleCode

Once you have your StyleCode we create a guide for you to make better style choices. Whether your runway is pushing a stroller or walking on the beach you need to own it. Be confident in who you are today and watch how your life changes. Now let us help you…..clothes that fit and you love to wear.  
Find your runway and let us put the looks together you will love.                                                               - Terri