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Diana Spivy (2)

Warm/Triangle Intellectual/Classic

The woman who has Intellectual style, likes substance over fluff. You are always prepared and dress according to the task at hand. Conservative but with a need for quality pieces. You can be found reading in your well stocked library or planning your trip to Machu Picchu. You are all about adventure and doing it the right way.  They created elbow patches for you – you like to buy quality and once if possible.

The classic woman is refined, poised, gracious, meticulously groomed, and coordinated. Like the traditional female icons in Hollywood, Politics or Education, you are confident, dependable, and knowledgeable. Your look should represent the timeless and intelligent woman you are. The classic woman likes tailored, no-nonsense, timeless pieces that avoid any drama about how they dress.


Products we recommend:


Round Neck Asymetrical Double Dip Tunic in Teal or Cognac  (T1203)

Multi Layer Long Tunic Cognac or Chocolate Brown (T1204)

Straight Leg Pant in Cognac or Chocolate Brown (P2000D)